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Folks this is big news about Review! Have you heard of Review? It’s the show that GoldDerby.com just said was “shaping up to be the funniest first season of a comedy since Arrested Development back in 2003.”

Well, Comedy Central is pretty psyched about great reviews like that so they’ve decided to give everyone on earth unprecedented FREE access to the first 8 episodes of Review. What better way to spend your weekend than to watch all 8 of these? What better way to prepare yourself for next week’s stunning season finale? What better way? No better way!

Look at all your viewing options!

You can go to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel:

Or you can check out the eps on Comedy Central’s app where they’re all in front of the cable wall:

They’re also up at CC.COM:

Please spread the word about this and help us get a second season because there is so much more of life to review (and my audition skills are rusty).

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    The best comedy on TV by an embarrassing distance. WATCH IT
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    I love this show.
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