The 300th episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! is finally here with the exciting conclusion to Oh, Golly ft. Jason Mantzoukas & Andy Daly!

As you will hear, the nail-biting scaredy pants face in that one photo is very much warranted.


If I Had An Emmy Ballot 2014: Outstanding Comedy Series

Esteemed television critic Alan Sepinwall put Review on his imaginary Emmy ballot. I’m preparing my imaginary acceptance speech.

Emmy voters, please place your index finger on your chin and carefully  consider whether Review deserves a golden statuette or two. I have done this and I have decided that it does.

Emmy voters, please place your index finger on your chin and carefully  consider whether Review deserves a golden statuette or two. I have done this and I have decided that it does.


Comedy Central Announces Season 2 of Review!

Very happy to announce today that Comedy Central has given us another chance to completely annihilate poor Forrest MacNeil and everyone around him.  Or who knows, maybe everything will go just fine this time around.  Anyway, big news!  Thanks to all who watched and supported the show.  Fun times ahead…



REVIEW. So good. I just watched all the episodes over the last two days and confirmed for myself that no one plays grinning misery like Andy Daly. The first season is currently on Comedy Central’s YouTube page.

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One More Thing - Review - Comedy Central

Review fans!  Check out this great new trailer!  

You already know you can go to YouTube and watch the full episodes 1-8 FREE and commercial free, right?  Today’s news is that the Comedy Central promo team put together a really hilarious and exciting trailer for this week’s big SEASON FINALE!!  

This truly captures the full extent of the insanity of Forrest’s journey this season. Please watch it and please share it and please tune in this Thursday at 10/9c on Comedy Central to see how it all ends!


News About Review

Folks this is big news about Review! Have you heard of Review? It’s the show that GoldDerby.com just said was “shaping up to be the funniest first season of a comedy since Arrested Development back in 2003.”

Well, Comedy Central is pretty psyched about great reviews like that so they’ve decided to give everyone on earth unprecedented FREE access to the first 8 episodes of Review. What better way to spend your weekend than to watch all 8 of these? What better way to prepare yourself for next week’s stunning season finale? What better way? No better way!

Look at all your viewing options!

You can go to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel:

Or you can check out the eps on Comedy Central’s app where they’re all in front of the cable wall:

They’re also up at CC.COM:

Please spread the word about this and help us get a second season because there is so much more of life to review (and my audition skills are rusty).

Tonight on #Review!  Poop!

Tonight on #Review! Poop!


Klosterman on KISS

I’m not very far into @CKlosterman’s new KISS article but I’ve already found a paragraph everyone has to read:

Throughout the last half of the ’70s, Kiss operated as the biggest band in the world — although not because of record sales (groups like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles sold way, way more). Kiss simply declared that their enormity was reality, and reality elected to agree. They were popular enough for every member of the band to release a solo album on the same day and to have their actual blood mixed into the ink of Marvel comic books; they were popular enough to star in one of the most structurally irrational movies ever made and to sleep with the likes of Diana Ross. They were popular the way Pepsi is popular. But somewhere around 1979, a lot of odd and foreseeable things started happening in persistent succession: They made a disco album, Peter was fired, they made a concept album, Ace quit, they took off the makeup, they fired the guy hired to replace Ace, the guy who replaced the guy who replaced Ace got a bone disease, they sued a record label, they temporarily rediscovered popularity, the drummer who replaced Peter died from heart cancer, the original quartet reunited for $144 million, they created a 3-D concert experience (even though life is already three-dimensional), Peter quit twice, Ace quit again (and was replaced by a guy who once painted Paul Stanley’s house), Gene blamed the Internet for ruining music, Paul played the lead inPhantom of the Opera, and every original member wrote an autobiography. And now it’s today, and Kiss are still my favorite band, for reasons I incessantly attempt to articulate to varying degrees of imaginary success.


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